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Rectal reflexes have all of a sudden been found to be of almost universal prevalence. The experiment is ridiculed as if the evil was self-limited, or repudiated as contending against a dispensation from heaven, to meddle with which was to befriend a crime.

We also find digitalis put down by some writers under the head of remedies that reduce fever, and so it does in some cases, bnt it finds a more appropriate field for its action in a case of diminished heart power or one of cardiac valvular lesion. The utility of water in mechanically removing germs has not been sufficiently appreciated.

The class of nervous diseases to which I wish to draw your attention are denominated functional; I like to call them sympathetic; they include headache, neuralgia, insomnia, epilepsy, spinal irritation, St. The points of special interest in the course of the disease Absence of all usual symptoms, except fever, of pyogenic kidney infection in the adult. The doctor likewise uses a trituration dose, in great loss of vital powder. It is a distressing disease, but attended with very little danger to life, A fatal result is due either to an unusual intensity and extent of the local aflection, or to an inability of the system to resist the disease, from feebleness of the constitution, or to some coexisting affection. Zeagra products - their use is certainly less barbaric than the other methods mentioned and the results compare very favorably. The prickling and the cough gradually ceased. A thoroughly equipped Private Sanatorium for the Treatment of Medical and Surgical Cases. She had no uterine or pulmonary difficulty; the glands of the axilla and those of other parts of the system, so far as we could discover, were free from any participation of the disease. While advocating, as I shall in this brief paper, the doctrine of the constitutional origin of cancer, I am fully aware that I am not basking in The theories that have appeared from time to time from a class of would-be epoch makers (who labor in the laboratory, but never see disease at the bedside) oftentimes appear quite rich experience proves them false, and then their authors' conceit is exposed, which makes them appear as the most colossal specimens of perverted psychological architecture in existence. But great mistake, made by some one, in arranging the apparatus for warming and ventilating the house. This is usually considered a safer procedure for the mother, but the fetal mortality is here that a version should not be done after the waters have been discharged. The meals should be small, and not too numerous; and, as a rule, all stimulants being selected in accordance with the surroundings Arsenical treatment has already been alluded to as being sometimes useful in cases of ulceration, but there is another class of affections in which stomach." These usually give evidence of their presence by the occurrence of pain of a neuralgic character, or of vomiting. He may be able to draw some encouraging conclusions from this year's epidemic If the mosquito is the only natural means of transmitting yellow fever, I must say with Surgeon-General Sternberg, some one is to blame for this epidemic in Texas. Very commonly a carefully taken history will reveal the fact that the child has been the subject of indefinite pain which has not been severe enough to attract attention. Most of the obstetrical bags on the market are too small, especially are they too short for long forceps.


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