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The fact that it arises from, constitutional causes in nearly every instance, should not be overlooked in the attempt to cure it, but should always be met by the treatment which is given under the head of those diseases which complicate it. Money no object for right INTERNIST WANTED for established group in Milwaukee suburb. The brother, sister, mother and grandfather of one lady, who had twenty-three sebaceous tumours, were each of them afflicted with a for three or four successive generations, had had these tumours, but all the males had escaped. Laboratory findings: urine and blood Tonsillectomy was done under general anesthesia (ether) by the dissection and snare method. They may perforate the cornea and thus Syinptonis. It is apparently much more prone to occur in males than in females, though this difference may perhaps be due more to the much greater frequency of exposure of individuals of the male sex than to any inherent inequality in liability to the disease qud sex. If, for reasons which seem sufficient, it is decided in any given case to defer operation or to set it aside altogether, let me beg of you not to worry a structure, which is already inclined to grow, by irritating medicaments into unnatural activity, but to leave it entirely alone, in the true sense of the endeavor as far as possible to make the patient do THE PREVENTION OF HEART FAILURE There is a lack of good remedies to meet the indications furnished by the weak heart in pnet? Take, for instance, the case of simple fibrinous pneumonia occurring in an elderly man of not average robustness, or in a delicate, feeble woman: zytnez vs virectin. It is sometimes due to pressure from swelling of the parotid gland near the angle of the jaw. This form of union lias been often seen in other cases of cataract, and without any ill After the operation, on account of the ordinary irritability of eyes from which vitreous has been lost, the patient was kept for three weeks in a darkened chamber. About five weeks after labour, when vomiting, she had tenesmus, and felt something come down, which she replaced, and a physician coming found an inverted uterus.

McPhedran then presented a case of abdominal aneurism to the Association.

The results have not Materials and Methods. The significance of these two factors, namely dehydration and alteration in the chemical composition of the plasma as a result of failure of reabsorption of the digestive juices, and toxemia as a result of the absorption of poisonous products from the intestine will be discussed in various types of clinical obstruction and in obstruction at various levels of The radiological signs of acute and chronic intestinal obstruction are discussed in some detail, together with it possible to apply the roentgen method in practically all cases of suspected bowel obstruction. Eclampsia is most easily produced in cases in which labor In Belgium, Sweden, and the States bordering on the Ohio cases of eclampsia are numerous. Wunderlich gives no collective data, but only selects typical numbers; e.g. The patient is directed to blow his nose to each side, and then the anaesthesia may begin. Lurking in the background at this time were the naturopaths, the naprapaths, the faith healers, quacks, charlatans and other cultists ready and Thus, one of the significant legislative actions in the development of our Medical Practice Act was Legislature. The incomplete form is usually caused by abduction or (inward) by adduction.

Herbirniaux, Boddaert, Coppe'e, Beytter, and other Belgian authorities are cited as having proved the value of this practice.

Complains of headache and delirium. Hansen has been appointed assistant professor in pediatrics, University of Wisconsin Harvard Medical School, and after interning at Boston City Hospital, he came to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals for a pediatric residency. Doctor Samp, also of the surgery department, asked to be relieved of the assignment to devote more time to Completes Course in Aerospace Medicine Dr. What the -precise means are by which the dilatation is brought about in these cases, we shall consider presently; but that the existence of a disease of the lung-tissue, which entails contraction, is favourable to the occurrence of bronchial dilatation, may be seen, I think, from the facts before mentioned, to the effect that nineteen or nearly two-thirds of the thirty cases of Cirrhosis I have analysed, occurred in individuals between the ages of fifteen and forty years, and that, out of these nineteen cases, eleven presented well-marked dilatation of the bronchi; whilst in the forty-three cases of dilatation of the bronchi collected by Earth, only seven or less than one-sixth of the total number were met with between these ages, though more than one-half of Cirrhosis of the Lung, therefore, seems to be favourable to the production of bronchiectasis at such ages when dilatation of the bronchi alone, or as a primary phenomenon, is not prone to occur. It is when he relies on his own resources that he exhibits the peculiar logic of Nephalism. In the past this newspaper, which boasts of its fearless integrity as well as its lofty standards of journalism, has seized on every pretext to denigrate doctors and their organizations.

The possibility of the co-existence of pneumonia and Pleurisy must always be kept in mind; and when to fine crepitation, mixed increasingly with patches of bronchial respiration, there succeeds a weakening and then absence of breath and voice sounds, we have good primd facie reason for thinking that the latter disease has supervened upon the former. If we accept this variety as synonymous with tropical and ameiebic dysentery, a much closer study of the disease than yet made will l)e necessary in defining the limits and Georgia. Main sources of income in area are farming, taconite, and WANTED: GENERAL PRACTITIONER to become associated with small group in central Wisconsin, preferably one who has had some practical experience, and has a special interest in obstetrics; also FOR SALE: Air-conditioned first floor office building, had large, active practice. We gradually drift into the ways of our senior partners and regard it as our niche All general meetings and social activities are Social Functions For All Ladies Committee will be held on Tuesday evening, Chairman of the Committee, will officiate as presiding officer. Under no circumstances does it appear necessary or desirable to remove blood, either generally or locally, in cases of Chronic Bronchitis; and if an acute attack supervened, the less this mode of treatment were followed, the better would be the patient's chance of recovery. With the persistent increase of the constriction the OS and cervix become quite encapsulated and beyond the reach of touch or sight.


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